September 3

Glassy Winged Sharpshooters

I am not an authority on these pests. I found images on the internet that were
labeled as glassy winged sharpshooters. I found some similar pests on my vines that
were over 1/2 an inch. The images above are of pests that were closer to
1/4 an inch. Since they resemble the other pictures that I have seen, I assume
these are young glassy winged sharpshooters.

These pests are sensitive to motion. They will maintain their parallel orientation to
the vine yet scoot around to the opposite side of the vine when motion is detected.
Thus, I often notice them when handeling the vine and they move to my side of
the vine because my hands or fingers were on the other.

This may be a dead adult glassywinged sharpshooter (that had been sprayed with pesticide).
about 1/2 inch


You can see that these sharpshooters or leaf hoppers, although the shape is similar,
have distinctly different coloring. about 1/4 inch